Yes, it’s an unusual domain name that makes for an occasional spat with an overzealous spam filter.

No, it has nothing to do with Carex praegracilis.

Here’s the Field’s Edge story:

Growing up in Ohio, our family’s backyard bordered on – wait for it – a field. A small one by local standards, planted with corn or soybeans, depending on the year, and the occasional season when the milkweed and ragweed grew tall. I’ve looked westward over it for so many years that mentally sketching the treeline at its far edge isn’t even a challenge.

It remains one of my favorite patches of ground on the planet. When I stand at the field’s edge, I breathe and touch past and future, memory and possibility, unknowable mystery and certainty as constant as fingerprints. started as a semi-bloggish online magazine I co-founded with Jim Carchidi. We published essays, photographs, features, interviews, retrospectives and concert reviews. Basically anything we had fun creating, we shared. The essays that formed the basis for “Collect All 21!” were first posted here, as were pop culture contributions from Adam Besenyodi, whose series of “Deus ex Comica” essays also became a book.

Links to most of those stories are still floating around out there, and I’ve archived the pages to keep those links valid. Eventually, I’ll link to them all directly, but most of them can be found browsing here.

Field’s Edge remains my online home because I’ve grown attached to it. That happens to me a lot. I can’t help it.

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