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July 24 – GeekDad game review: “Word Winder is a Winner

July 5 – GeekDad book review: “Dungeons & Dragons: Into the Unknown

June 20 – North Canton Patch: “Five Things the Canton Marathon Got Right

June 6 – GeekDad: “R.I.P. Ray Bradbury: 1920-2012

May 31 – GeekDad: “Girl Genius: Omnibus Volume One

May 29 – GeekDad: “John Scalzi’s Redshirts: GeekDad Book Review

May 28 – GeekDad: “Poor Ensign Jones: John Scalzi on Redshirts

April 26 – GeekDad: “Jordan Weisman Talks Shadowrun Returns

April 10 – GeekDad: “Past and Future Collide in Disney’s Motorcity

February 13 – GeekDad: “Hack of All Trades: An Interview with Eureka Co-Creator Andrew Cosby


December 28 – GeekDad: “Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual: Under the Hood

December 12 – GeekDad: “The Fellowship of the Ring and a Decade of Family Geekdom

December 10 – GeekDad: “What’s Behind James Gough’s Cloak?

November 22 – GeekDad: “Doctor Who Sixth Series DVD Review

October 30 – GeekDad: “Book Review: Amazing Everything: The Art of Scott C.

October 30 – GeekDad: “Man in Black: A Review of Star Wars: The Complete Vader

October 24 – GeekDad: “Ten Tales by Ray Bradbury to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

October 10 – GeekDad: “The 15 Geekiest Episodes of PBS’ Arthur

September 30 – GeekDad: “Mail Order Mysteries Is More Fun than A Barrel of Sea-Monkeys

September 28 – GeekDad: “Air Cars to X-Ray Spex: An Interview with Kirk Demarais

September 5 – GeekDad: “Timothy Zahn’s Heir Comes of Age

August 29 – GeekDad: “Science Channel Looks Back at Some Dark Matters

July 16 – GeekDad: “Harry Potter and the Nostalgic GeekDad

July 1 – East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church – Summer issue, Joining Hands magazine.

June 29 – GeekDad: “Review: The Snow Queen’s Shadow

June 23 – GeekDad: “Transformers Vault: Treasures from Cybertron

June 3 – GeekDad: “Simon Pegg’s Nerd Do Well: A Little Familiar, A Lot of Fun

May 31 – GeekDad: “Pick A Doctor, Any Doctor, on Netflix

May 26 – GeekDad: “SpongeBob SquigglePants: Mini-Games Galore, Matey

May 16 – GeekDad: “Today in Geek History: Trivial Flashbacks

April 30 – GeekDad: “Geek Fantasy Novel: Almost Too Weird for Its Own Good

April 27 – GeekDad: “Fuzzy Reboot: Reviewing a Science Fiction Classic Retold

April 19 – GeekDad: “Please Don’t Stab John Scalzi in the Eyeballs: The GeekDad Interview

Mar. 31 – GeekDad: “Young Sherlock Holmes Revisited

Mar. 29 – GeekDad: “It’s a Craft Trap! The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton

Feb. 7 – Waste & Recycling News: “WM making major inroads in organics

Feb. 4 – GeekDad: “Gaming Fix: A Review of Jane McGonigal’s Reality Is Broken

Jan. 31 – GeekDad: “Eureka – I Have (Finally) Found It!

Jan. 28 – GeekDad: “From Monty Python to Mad to Manga: An Interview With Mark Crilley

Jan. 10 – Crain’s Cleveland Business: “Not playing around – For NE Ohio’s toy entrepreneurs, building a business is more than just fun and games

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